Our Story

The Yoga Barn and Workshop is a safe and serene environment created to assist others in exploring their physical body through yoga postures and  mental and emotional balance through the practice of Qi Gong.


The yoga classes offered are designed to bring the participant’s attention inward to focus on balance and tranquility in juxtaposition to this increasingly frenetic and jumbled external world.  The internal focus allows for calm space away from the pressure of outside responsibilities and brings forward clarity of purpose and right action.


The practice of yoga, though unique to every body, is practiced within community that fosters a sense of deeper purpose and connection to ourselves and to each other as we navigate our way through our lives.

We welcome beginners and those who have experienced physical and spiritual transformation through the consistent practice of yoga and meditation to join our community in whatever way is comfortable and respectful. 

Spring Forest Qi Gong is a simple, slow and gentle  practice designed to balance and move your body's energy to assist in the optimal functioning of the organs and tissues.  The slow and rhythmic movements create a greater sense of balance, harmony and well being while nourishing and replenishing your body's energy.

The Yoga Barn and Workshop was built in 1977 to house a woodworking shop as an addition to an original Sugar Shack that was renovated into an 800 square foot home.  It can be found on a dirt road nestled among birch and sugar maple trees overlooking a large field in rural Holderness, New Hampshire.


Shelley Randall, Owner

RYT 500

Shelley Randall has practiced yoga on and off for over 20 years.  While undergoing major transitions in her life she found that practicing yoga and meditation alleviated her stress and kept her grounded in the here and now.  The practice of yoga and meditation showed her that she could observe her decisions towards making life altering changes and take ownership of them in a supported, calm and reasoned way.  Shelley is dedicated to providing a serene and safe environment that is conducive to exploring the physical body and mind through asanas or yoga postures.    Shelley firmly believes that everything we need we already have to live a contented, fulfilling and healthy life, we just need to tap into our inner resources. 

Shelley will bring the yoga postures and meditation to beginners who wish to enhance their understanding of their unique body mechanics and perhaps move beyond their misconceptions of their own body and mind limitations.  Shelley will teach Yin Yoga a practice designed to rejuvenate the body’s connective tissue that results in enduring mobility and flexibility.  

Shelley also provides instruction in Spring Forest Qi Gong, a simple and gentle practice based in traditional chinese medicine that furthers the students understanding of their body's innate healing ability while working with  the body's own energy.

Shelley has experienced an array of professional paths beginning as a chef, making her way into substance abuse counseling after which she entered law school.  She  practiced law for over 20 years as a child protection lawyer and a Guardian Ad Litem. 

Shelley has continually sought further education and certifications in various of interest.  She is a certified 500 hour yoga instructor,  She completed course work to lead Transformational Workshops at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and completed Level One for teaching Spring Forest Yoga.  Shelley also holds certifications in 3 different energy healing modalities.

Shelley honed her teaching skills in court rooms in front of judges in two states and while teaching law students at the UNH School of Law.  She has developed a keen sense of timing and a deep appreciation for her audience, whoever they may be.  She has taught yoga and Qi Gong at various yoga studios and Substance Use Treatment Centers throughout New Hampshire.

When not engaged in any of the above activities you can usually find Shelley in the woods or in her kayak with her ever present and beloved canine companion, Louise.