Kirtan with Audrey Drake

Sunday November 28 4-6 p.m.  

$25.00 Venmo Shelley-Randall-1

Limited to 15 people pre-pay to reserve

Come join in community to celebrate thanksgiving with music and song facilitated by Audrey Drake, a leader in sacred music and chanting.

Audrey has two passions: music and healing. Since early in her life she knew music was a way to reach people on a healing level. In 1996 Audrey received her BA in Vocal Performance from Plymouth State University. She has performed as a soloist, singer/songwriter, recording artist  and in multiple groups including The NH Master Chorale. 

Audrey is an accomplished songwriter, performer and recording artist. She leads Private and Group Kundalini Yoga, Sound Healing, Intuitive Energy Healing, Meditation, Chakra Balancing, Angel Card Readings, Cooperate Wellness Workshops and Voice Lessons. She recently concluded a 1 year artist in residency at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. During her residency her offerings were mostly live streamed or online for group and private instruction from the Bodhi Heart Yurt and her cabin. 

Covid restrictions include those unvaccinated are required to provide proof of a recent negative test and wear a mask.


July 17 Saturday 7:30-9:30 pm

with Psychic/Medium Nancy Tibbetts.  $35 - cash/check

Join Nancy, a practicing psychic /medium for over 20 years, for heartfelt messages from our loved ones who have passed on from our world.





Introduction to Healing Properties of Essential Oils

February 15   Saturday 10 - 12   $30.00

Cecile is a holistic aroma-therapist providing clinical aromatherapy and energetic healing and specializing in physical and emotional detoxification.  She is the Regional Director of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, NAHA.

Cécile teaches the proper use of essential oils as a natural way of taking care of ourselves. She is also an author (6 books), speaker (regular online conferences) and teacher (on line aromatherapy school, AromaPro).  


Join Cecile Ellert for this introduction into the science and art of healing yourself through the use of essential oils and aromatherapy.

  • What is an essential oil and holistic aromatherapy

  • How holistic aromatherapy can protect you moving forward

  • What should be known about the growing epidemic of antibiotic use, and how to do without them

  • The impact of pharmaceuticals on us and the environment

Essential Oils and Hormonal Imbalance

February 22  Saturday  10 -12  $30.00


Cecile Ellert returns to discuss hormonal imbalances and chronic inflammation and the role of  essential oils in reducing symptoms including mood swings, weight gain, painful periods and hot flashes.

Introduction to Animal Communication

February 29 Saturday 2:30 - 4:30 p.m. $30.00

What is Your Animal Telling You?

Struggling with understanding your animal’s needs and desires?

Are you concerned with your animal’s happiness?

Keep wondering why your animal is suddenly acting crazy and you feel helpless?

If you get a YES to any of those questions this is the class for you! You are going to learn how to get the answers to those questions and a ton more using Animal Communication.

This is a basic intro class to learn how to talk to your animal on a physical level.

Here is what you will receive in this 2 hour class…

  1. Live training with a ton of compassion, encouragement, support and FUN

  2. The 5-Steps that I use in my practice to get sure fire and accurate ways to energetically connect with your animal.

  3. 2-hours of in-depth information

  4. A 16 page downloadable workbook to use during the class

  5. Practice communicating right away during the 2 hour training

This class is the perfect place to begin learning what Animal Communication is all about and how it can help you everyday! Expand your life to a deeper and more profound relationship with your animals.       


 Cost: $30

Where: The Yoga Barn and Workshop

When:  Saturday, February 29, 2020

Time: 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm


MARCH 8   SUNDAY   4:30-6 P.M.  $25.00

Jill Laffin has travelled extensively throughout Hawaii and the United States using her gift of sound to heal Mother Earth's waters and individuals.  Intuitively playing Native American Flute, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, bells and rattles, Jill creates the perfect environment to dive deeply into your body's wisdom to heal and balance your mind. 


March 19 Thursday 7 - 8:30 p.m.

$25 pre-registration; $30 at the door

Carlos Perez returns with his magic bowls to transport you into an altered and relaxed state to access your inner wisdom.  The vibration created by the crystal bowls taps into your own body's vibrational frequency balancing and healing your body at a cellular level.  


Clear and Revitalize your Brain  - Postponed

March 22 Sunday 9:30 - 12:30  $79.00


Medical Intuition: It's All In The Details! with Sue and Aaron Singleton


Meet Sue Singleton, internationally renowned Medical Intuitive/Healer, and Aaron Singleton, Visionary Inventor and Founder of The Energy of Life Integrative and Intuitive Healing Process.   Aaron and Sue will introduce themselves and offer a brief Q & A about their medical intuition and the variety of healing tools they have invented.


Power Up Your Brain and Boost Memory,

with Sue and Aaron Singleton


This is a 2-1/2 hour Medical Intuitive Group Healing with world-renowned Medical Intuitive/Healer Sue Singleton and Visionary Healer/Intuitive Aaron Singleton.


This Medical Intuitive Group Healing is for YOU if any of these apply:

  • You have a perfectly healthy brain and memory and want to maintain it

  • You are experiencing brain fog, forgetfulness, depression or anxiety

  • You have been diagnosed with some form of cognitive decline or dementia

  • You desire to eliminate pre-existing conditions that may lead to dementia, Alzheimers, stroke, etc.

  • You have a family history of dementia or other cognitive issues

  • You or your family suffer from anxiety or depression, which are precursors to cognitive decline

  • You have ever had any injury or surgery involving the head, sinuses, nose or teeth (even seemingly minor)

  • You have ever had injury or surgery to the neck or head

  • Overview of this group healing focused on brain health, brain neuron signaling and function:

  • Decalcify the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands

  • Focus on clearing scar tissue, lesions, plaque, inflammation and energy cysts

  • Clear past and recent physical injuries, surgeries, shocks and traumas

  • Re-set the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

  • Optimize the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis

  • Clear residues of anesthesia, anti-depressants, fluoride, petroleum, etc.

  • Clear testing and treatment residues of chemo, radiation, x-rays, CT scans, MRI, E-stim, ECT, etc.

  • Clear residues of bacteria, virus, fungus, candida, parasites, mycoplasma

  • Clear residues of wi-fi, electronics, other EMF, electricity, etc.

  • Assist clearing of emotional shock, post-traumatic stress, stress/anxiety, frustration/resentment, sadness/disappointment, guilt/remorse, etc.

  • Clear the various energy fields in and around the body of incoherent data

  • Re-set anabolic and catabolic cycles involving brain function

  • Balance Ph and polarity of the brain

  • Balance left and right hemispheres

  • Decompress and re-align cranial sutures



  • Participant Comments from Past Medical Intuitive Group Healings:

  • “My brain fog is GONE, I feel alert and wide awake!”


  • “My chronic headaches went away after that group healing and have never returned, over a month later.”


  • “I had brain fog since my hysterectomy almost a year ago. I now learned from the Singletons it was from the anesthesia, which they cleared from my brain. No more brain fog!”


  • “I used to be on 6 inhalers daily for over 20 years. After the 2 group healing sessions, I have not needed them. Thank you is not enough to say…Wow!”


  • “I am so grateful to the two of you for eliminating my arthritis pain during the group healing!”


  • “I had chronic neck and shoulder pain for over a year. Until Aaron and Sue fixed it in a group healing. I’m impressed!”



  • Aaron and Sue Singleton have the unique ability to resolve the spinal and cranial issues for hundreds of people simultaneously, both in-person and remotely, as well as remove head traumas, detoxify the organs, calm the nerves, release trauma and pain, migraines, sinus issues, repair emotional hard-wiring in the brain, again for hundreds of people simultaneously. Explore the full potential of energy healing and have fun in the process!


  • This Group Healing may provide helpful insights for healing your unique situation. Join the Singletons for an opportunity to ascertain and resolve the ROOT CAUSE(S) of potential imbalances in your brain, so that you may optimize your memory and brain function. Clear unhelpful emotional patterns that produce frustration, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, and much more. The Singletons will select some audience volunteers on whom they will provide medical intuitive insights. Experience the ease, joy and fun of healing…Everyone receives healing.


  • Become one of the many who have received spontaneous healing with Aaron and Sue! You don’t need to be ill or in pain to participate in this experiential. Simply relax, keep an open mind, be willing to receive, and allow healing to occur.


The Energy of Numbers Workshop - Postponed

March 28 Saturday 10 a.m. -12 p.m.


Presented by 

Suzanne Pinkham

(30.00 includes materials fee)

This Introduction to Numerology workshop uses your date of birth and name as it is on your original birth certificate*, to assist you in unlocking your hidden potential and inner wisdom.


During this first workshop you will discover:


•  Numbers 1-9

The energetic signature of each number

Their high and low vibrations

Corresponding letters of the alphabet


  • Your 5 Core Numbers

         What Core Numbers reveal

          How to calculate your Core Numbers, and those of your significant others **

How they work individually and together


*If you are adopted or have legally changed your name, bring information for both.

**In order to calculate the Core Numbers of your significant others, you must have their date of birth and name as it is on their birth certificate.

Double check as birth certificates have revealed surprises.

Bring your calculator.


Suzanne Pinkham has a B.S. in Elementary Education and is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner specializing in Numerology.  She is an active member of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD), has presented on Numerology at the ASD National Convention and serves on the Executive Board of the White Mountain Dowsers.


Mediumship Gallery Reading with Carolyn Rose

April 4 Saturday 6:30-8:30  $35.00 - POSTPONED

By popular demand Carolyn Rose returns to bring her connection to Spirit to provide heartfelt and inspired messages from your loved ones that have passed over.



Drumming Journeywork - Healing the Spirit

April 5 Sunday 4-6 p.m.                

$30/pre-registration; $35 at the door


Join Travis Preston of Wolfpack Healing as he leads you through two drum-assisted meditations that will bring you to a space of infinite guidance. The place created provides healing that is specific to you for what is needed.

You will leave your assumed self behind for one and a half hours and step outside of time itself as you experience places inside yourself you may not have realized existed. All along the way, you will grow a new reverence for your subconscious mind and all that you have access to within yourself. Wear comfortable clothing and leave your schedule with plenty of room afterwards to process what you experience. ($30 Pre registration -  pre-register on Facebook  - $35 Day of the Event)



Discover Your Spirit Team - POSTPONED

With Author Wendy Van DePoll


4 Weeks $125

Saturday April  11  9:30-11

Sunday April 19  10:30-12

Saturday April 25  9:30-11

Saturday May 9 9:30-12:30

Are you on a spiritual quest for a better life? Discover your Spirit Team!

 Are you ready to…

  • Take a dynamic life journey?

  • Discover the best BFF’s you could ever have?

  • Live your life with consistent Spiritual Guidance?

  • Make all kinds of decisions that lead you to a positive life?

  • Give power to your intuition without doubting yourself again?

  • Develop and heighten your intuitive ability like never before?


If you are on a quest for a better life Discovering Your Spirit Team will open infinite doors to positive change in your life!


What are Discover Your Spirit Team Sessions?


Wendy’s Discover Your Spirit Team Sessions are designed to help you improve your life, become confident and rely on your own innate wisdom. She teaches you how to manage your intuitive energy by discovering who your Spirit Team is.


Here is what happens in this course. You will…

  • Meet your Sprit Team one-by-one

  • Learn how to “talk” to each Team member in detail

  • Learn how to interpret the messages your Spirit Team BFFs have for you

  • How to ask your Team for guidance

  • How to buffer negative energy


Your Spirit Team has your back and will never let you down


 Benefits Especially For You!


  • During the program get lots of support from your Spirit Team and me!

  • Experience a mentor that has deep and clear soul level connections with her Spiritual Team and able to teach you to have the same!

  • Great tools and techniques specifically designed and given to YOU by your team to assist you with your goals!

  • Daily connection with your Spirit Team and learning that they are so you are never alone again!

  • Compassionate mentoring that has ingredients of direct honesty, spunk, laughter, hard work and thoroughness!


  Are you ready to discover your Spiritual BFFs that have your back?   





May 1-3  Friday 7 - 9 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday 9:30-6:30   $550

Facilitated by Stacey Gibbons


This is an advanced class that will introduce you to an entire system of ancient healing that has proven effective, vital and transformational. And you will not only learning these practices, but you will be given support and knowledge around how to bring this material into actual practice with clients.

Through ancient practices and dynamic group and partner exchanges, we gain hands-on experience in healing work.


Shamanism teaches us to use the powers of nature to heal. In the ancient system of Reiki, we channel life force energy to heal and restore balance. In this master level certification program, guided by two established teachers of shamanism and healing, we experience the combined powers of shamanic and Reiki healing and apply detailed, proven methods to enhance our healing skills for practice with others and for personal well-being.


We apply Shamanic Reiki approaches to:


Expand consciousness and work with spirit guides

Balance energetic trauma and shift attachment to past events

Remove energy intrusions using advanced methods

Cut energetic cords to clear energy of negative or non-beneficial influences

Attune to the master Reiki energy via symbols, plants, and transmission

Conduct comprehensive absentee healing sessions

Guide clients in shamanic journeying

Shamanically travel to prevent soul loss and restore soul qualities

Initiate as professional healers and be supported in setting up your practice

Explore and examine the ethics of healing and practice

Work with Past lives and Karmic imprints

Integrate Reiki with Tibetan, Maya, Quechua, and Siberian practices and sacred items

Join like-minded people in this lively experiential gathering. Reconnect with nature’s transformative powers and the innate ability to heal and balance through complex times.


This training is open to level two and/or master level Reiki practitioners, or to others with permission from Stacey Gibbons or Jonathan Hammond. It is prerequisite for the yearlong Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher online program.


More Information:


The following book is required reading for the course:


Shamanic Reiki: Expanded Ways of Working with Universal Life Force Energy by Llyn Roberts and Robert Levy

In order to arrive prepared, faculty ask that you do the following: consider taking time to meditate on your intentions for this program. Feel the opportunity and power of our coming together for the master-practitioner level; the field of consciousness that connects us. Open your heart and welcome all of who you are to join our week together. We will have a lot of fun as we also explore and empower our unique roles as healers during these times of rapid change.


Things To Bring:


Bring to class with you the book, Shamanic Reiki by Llyn Roberts

Feel free to bring along any small sacred items (small stones, bells, feathers, etc.) for the altar and/or for healing purposes - as well as a drum and/or rattle if you like.

Come to sessions with a water bottle and a note pad or journal.

Optional items to consider: Spirit or Animal Card deck.


For the Absentee Shamanic Reiki practice portion of the program, please:

Consider working with someone you know, or are already offering healing to who will benefit.

Your client, family member or friend must desire an absentee healing from you and be willing to do the following after you arrive home: have an in-person or phone conversation with you, offer a simple exchange (non-monetary is fine), enact a simple ceremony after the work is complete.

Collect from this person and bring with you to our program a few strands of hair, a short sample of handwriting, a small piece of flammable clothing with their energy on it such as a sock.

If you have difficulty finding a person to work with, we may be able to provide someone and you also have the option of conducting the healing for yourself.



Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

September 19  7-9 p.m.

The Northwood Shaman, Heidi Bernardi, will bring you on this

journey to meet your spirit helpers and learn how they protect and guide you on your life's path.  $30.00 at the door.

Ancestral DNA Clearing

September 25  6-8 p.m.

Join Peruvian Shaman Pierre Garreaud and his wife, intuitive healer, Janice Johnson, for this powerful healing clearing embedded patterns that no longer serve our highest purpose.  Pre-registration $45.00; $50.00 at the door. 


Sound bath with Restorative Yoga

September 29  Sunday 4:30-6 p.m.

Shannon VanSickle plays the Tibetan Singing Bowls to provide vibrational healing as you relax into supported restorative yoga poses sending you into a profound sense of relaxation and calm.  $20.00.

Empowerment for the Highly Sensitive

October 6  Sunday 10:30-12:00

Facilitator, Lauren Wargo, believes that feeling the world deeply is a Gift. But if we don’t fully understand and know how to work with this Gift it can become overwhelming and burdensome. In this Workshop you learn the energetics behind your sensitive nature- why you experience and feel things the way that you do. Then you will be introduced to exercises, tools (crystals, herbs, Guides), and other practices to support your daily walk through life. This greater self awareness and knowledge places you in the seat of your power so you are able to work with your energy and the energy around you with peace and clarity.   $25.00.

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

Oct. 13; Nov. 17; Dec. 15    10:30-12

Everyday life presents you with several “learn and grow” moments. Sometimes, though, you just don’t have the capacity to be as patient, calm, or kind as you’d like. This, in turn, can feed a cycle of self blame, shame, more frustration, and greater stress. Ugh.


In this 3 part series, we’ll take a look at how to shift more easily and keep your heart, energies, and attitudes in alignment with your desired state of composed and loving presence. Mindfulness will frame your exploration of self, offer new perspectives of the old, and release tensions that persist. With love, kindness, and freshness, practical practices of presence will build resilience and the confidence to meet the moments of your day, no matter what. Instead of feeling drained, you might feel more alive and connected throughout the day. You’ll also experience a variety of meditations with an opportunity to “put our work into practice” in between sessions.


While each session can stand alone, the greatest benefit will be received by attending all 3 sessions with the first one as the foundation. Do what you can, though, and rest assured you’ll receive benefit from whichever you’re able to attend. When you come here, you come back to yourself. What an awesome gift!


All 10:30 - 12:00

Sunday October 13: Mindfulness: The Stress Antidote

Sunday November 17: Moving from Suffering to Self-Care

Sunday December 15: Nourishment and Healing


$95 / 3 classes



$70 / 2 classes

$40 / 1 class



Ancestral Karmic Release

October 18  Friday 6 - 8 p.m.

Join Spiritual Visionary Kelly Libby and Shamanic Healer Charles White Eagle for this powerful evening releasing those blocks, burdens and debris from your ancestral lineage that may be limiting your physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.  Pre-registration $43.00;  $45.00 at the door.

Angel Immersion: Full day Angel Experience


October 26  Saturday  10:30-4:30 

Join Angel Messenger Teresa Baker-Opland for this full day immersion into the angelic realm to experience the gentle and loving angels that provide daily guidance and support.  In this experiential workshop we will meet our angels and deepen our connection to them through an attunement.  Teresa is a certified Angel Messenger, Medium, Usui and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master.




Shamanic Reiki - Level 1 and 2 Certification

January  11 and 12 Saturday and Sunday 9:30- 5:30

In this two day intensive workshop, Certified Master Shamanic Reiki Teacher, Stacey Gibbons, will provide students with Reiki Level 1 and 2 attunements, instruction on Shamanic techniques to access alternate realities beyond time and space, and methods to open participants to the healing forces of the earth and earth elements and methods to release energetic blocks through Shamanic journeying.  Students will receive a certificate of completion from Shamanic Reiki Worldwide, an international organization founded by Stacey Gibbons and Llyn Roberts.  Stacey has provided this certification program at the Omega Institute and Kripalu.   $350.00.